Powerful cloud-based vulnerability assessment platform to make your work efficiently.

Enabling you to run vulnerability assessment everywhere at anytime.

Continuous Monitoring

You can monitor through the Dashboard that gives you a visual of all vulnerabilities levels obtained from the scan.

Scan with VAPT Tools

All the tools are available for you to scan the Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Infrastructure and Encryption. The tools can perform Scan in background, so you can sleep well.

Schedule your scans

Schedule your scans and periodically evaluate your systems for the vulnerabilities. You can set them up to run once, daily, weekly, or monthly at a specific date and time.

Parallel & Bulk Scanning

We provided you a parallel scan. You can scan a lot of targets at one time. You can also select multiple targets that you want to scan and run a scanner against them.

Keep history of your scans

Having a history of your scans allows you to see how the security of your targets has evolved. You can compare old results with new ones and see what has changed. You also can choose to export the scans history.

Discover your attack surface

Automatically detect open ports, services, and running software from all of your targets. The Attack Surface pulls results from scanners to give you an overview of your targets.


Workspace allows you to organize your targets based on the project that you're working at, the client name, etc. All the works that you are doing goes into the current workspace. You also can move targets between workspaces and delete them if they are no longer necessary.

Manage Team

Working with the team to collaborate and deliver better security assessment. You can also see the team activity log.

Mobile Apps Scanner

Mobile Static Application Security Testing allows you to do a static analysis in mobile apps. It covers iOS and Android apps. So, you don't have to install a lot of mobile pentest tools. This will save your time from installation and configuration.

Slack and Telegram Integrations

You can do a Scan via Telegram/Slack until you get a notification of the scan results, you can do it anywhere without bringing a computer.

API Access

The API allows you to integrate our platform with your tools and internal workflows. For instance, you can trigger automatic scans whenever you deploy a new website, or you make a change in your application. Furthermore, you can develop your own tools based on our scanning engines.

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